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In medicine, nothing is ever achieved alone. Team Sills shares authorship interests, case consultations, and/or research activity with:

Aarhus Univ (DENMARK), Al-Azhar Univ Cairo (EGYPT), Banaras Hindu Univ (INDIA), Beirut Center for Reproductive Medicine & Genetics (LEBANON), California Institute of Technology, Columbia Univ, Cornell Univ, FidRoyal SARL (LUXEMBOURG), Hadassah Medical Center—Hebrew Univ Medical School (ISRAEL), Harvard Univ, Hôpital Saint Antoine (FRANCE), Imperial College London (UK), Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (MEXICO), Intersono Clinic Lviv (UKRAINE) Istanbul Univ (TURKEY), Johns Hopkins Univ, Karolinska Institute (SWEDEN), King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center (SAUDI ARABIA), King Khalid Univ College of Medicine (SAUDI ARABIA), Lviv National Medical Univ (UKRAINE), McGill Univ (CANADA), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York Univ, Northwestern Univ, Peking Univ Medical College (CHINA), Prague Institute of Endocrinology (CZECH REP), Centre Hospitalier Princess Grace (MONACO), Rambam Medical Center—Technion Faculty Med (ISRAEL), Rockefeller Univ, Royal Brompton Hospital (UK), Royal College of Surgeons (IRELAND), Royal Jordanian Med Service (JORDAN), Royan Institute (IRAN), San Francisco Xavier Sch Med (NETHERLANDS ANTILLES), Shahid Sadoughi Univ Med Sci (IRAN), Semmelweis Univ (HUNGARY), Suntory Foundation for Life Sciences (JAPAN), Tehran Univ Med Sci (IRAN), U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Univ British Columbia (CANADA), Univ College Cork (IRELAND), Univ Belgrade (SERBIA), Univ California—San Francisco, Univ Geneva (SWITZERLAND), Univ Newcastle (UK), Univ Oxford (UK), Univ Southampton (UK), Univ Tokyo (JAPAN), Univ Vermont, Univ Westminster (UK), Vassar College. 

molecular biology research

molekularbiologische forschung

For further reading, these links describe our discoveries of previously unknown human gene mutations:

  1. Sills ES, Sholes TE, Perloe M et al. Characterization of a novel receptor mutation A-->T at exon 4 in complete androgen insensitivity syndrome and a carrier sibling via bidirectional polymorphism sequence analysis. International Journal of Molecular Medicine 2002 Jan;9(1):45-8.

2. Walsh DJ, Sills ES, Lambert DM et al. Novel ETHE1 mutation in a carrier couple having prior offspring affected with ethylmalonic encephalopathy: Genetic analysis, clinical management and reproductive outcome. Molecular Medicine Reports 2010 Mar-Apr;3(2):223-6.

3. Sills ES, Cotter PD, Marron KD et al. Ovarian dysgenesis associated with an unbalanced X;6 translocation: first characterisation of reproductive anatomy and cytogenetic evaluation in partial trisomy 6 with breakpoints at Xq22 and 6p23. Molecular Medicine Reports 2012 Jan;5(1):29-31.

4. Sills ES, Obregon-Tito AJ, Gao H et al. Pathogenic variant in NLRP7 (19q13.42) associated with recurrent gestational trophoblastic disease: Data from early embryo development observed during in vitro fertilization. Clinical & Experimental Reproductive Medicine 2017 Mar;44(1):40-46.

5. Sills ES, Burns MJ, Parker LD et al. Further phenotypic delineation of subtelomeric (terminal) 4q deletion with emphasis on intracranial and reproductive anatomy. Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases 2007 Feb 12;2:9.

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