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Dr. Scott Sills

Dr. Scott Sills (L) at home in California with his children.

A 7th-generation Tennessean, Scott completed his academic work in London, with internship, residency and fellowship training at NYU Downtown Hospital, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Cornell New York Presbyterian HospitalIn 2008, the New York Board of Regents nominated Dr. Sills to join the New York State Medical Board – one of the busiest medical licensing agencies in USA. 

An Independent Voice

Dr. Sills published his first clinical paper while still in medical school, followed later by nine books and 150+ peer-review scientific articles.

With his American research collection banked at the U.S. National Library of Medicine, Dr. Sills’ PhD thesis is held by the British Library.

Considered the only IVF doctor in the world with both a Member of Congress (USA) and Member of Parliament (UK) as co-authors, Dr. Sills is believed to be the first consultant invited to lecture both at West Point and in Tehran, since 1979.

Results from Team Sills have now circulated far beyond the Ivy League libraries.

His IVF data were included in the NHS’ Clinical Guidelines for Fertility Assessment & Treatment (London, 2004), while Dr. Sills’ paper on identical twins was referenced in the World Health Organization’s Current Practices in ART (Geneva, 2002).

While on the Cornell faculty, Dr. Sills’ series on asylum protection for women facing compulsory sterilization (Lancet, 1998) was hailed by the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees. His later research on embryo biopsy applications influenced reproductive policy debate in the German Bundestag (Berlin, 2002).

Priority papers by Dr. Sills include the world’s first IVF birth with venom immunotherapy (2004), the first IVF surrogacy in Ireland (2008), the first Irish births from dual anonymous gamete donation (2010), the world’s first IVF births in premature ovarian failure using oocytes donated from a twin sister (2010), and the first deliveries after IVF+frozen surgically-retrieved sperm in Ireland (2011).

On secondment to the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, Dr. Sills refined a sequential, compound embryo transfer technique (2009) resulting in a healthy term livebirth—another national first.

Previously, Dr. Sills chaired a regional initiative bridging Arab and Israeli clinics across 13 countries, the first IVF collaboration of its kind in the Middle East (2007).

Working independently of medical device makers & Big Pharma, Dr. Sills is respected as much for his fierce patient advocacy as for his robust, privately funded output of academic publication. 

“Never underestimate the difficulty

of changing false beliefs by facts.”

Henry ROSOVSKY (1927-2022) 

Dean Emeritus, Harvard University


timeline & trajectory


  1. Birthplace, Oak Ridge, TENN
  2. BA, Vanderbilt (1987)
  3. MD, Univ Tennessee (1992)
  4. Residency, NYU Downtown (1996); Fellowship, Cornell Univ (1998)
  5. PhD, Westminster—London (2013)
  6. FertiGen® (2019) 

In addition to developing FertiGen, Dr Sills has contributed work across the following domains:

IVF and Embryo Transfer

81 publications

Fertility Surgery

Fertility Surgery

35 publications

Reproductive Genetics

28 publications

Women's Health Policy

23 publications

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