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What are FertiGen® patients saying?

NOTE: reviews for Ovarian Reboot (2019) courtesy Amazon.com

“I experienced very positive results including softer skin, firmer breasts, no more vaginal dryness, and the return of ovulation and my menstrual periods; I am 53 years old!! This is so valuable to my longevity and reproductive journey!”

“Through the many setbacks I faced in my past, I believe it was fate that led me to this remarkable man.”

“Having received FertiGen…has changed my life in ways I never imagined possible. The key differences I noticed were decreased insomnia/increased sleep quality, increased ovary follicles (by double), increased blood flow during my cycle like I was 16 again and increased sex drive – is this how men entering puberty feel? No joke!”

“A genius of a writer, a compassionate doctor who cares for the welfare and happiness of so many women, including me who thought my dream of becoming a mother had vanished forever… I count my blessings for Dr. Sills, who I hope to meet in the near future. I look forward to that day with all my heart.”

“Dr. Sills has taken his years of research and clinical experience to develop FertiGen for any woman experiencing infertility or hormonal issues. He is a highly respected, trusted source who women can count on for accurate and reliable information, as well as cutting edge research. It gives hope to so many who may have given up on having a baby and to women that thought they just had to “deal” with menopausal symptoms. There is Hope!”

“I have a complex case and I’m one of those patients who found myself in tears, as I sat across from other doctors who looked at me and said there was nothing they could do. Not only do I hold this treatment [FertiGen] in the highest regard, I also can’t shout any louder with words of encouragement for women to read his book & seek his care.”

“As I am going through the FertiGen process myself, I am happy to have this valuable resource on hand. It explains the complex science of PRP in a simple and easily understandable way. Dr Sills clearly illustrates the passion he has for his calling.”

“I felt inspired to try it. With a great sense of humor, “Somewhere, Ovary Rainbow” Dr. Sills has broken down the barrier of understanding how a woman can produce more eggs. Sign me up!”

“No two doctors are created equal. Save your money and time by doing it right. Technique isn’t just the procedure, but how it’s prepared, and volume injected. If you’re looking for the Doctor who has a medical proven track record- my trust is 100% in Dr Sills as the expert.”

“He is a gift to our community and without his book and his proven PRP technique (FertiGen) many will miss the opportunity for a positive outcome. This could mean a woman’s last chance to have a baby, save her relationship, and get back on her feet again. There is a method behind the madness, and Dr. Sills does a great job at clarifying the process…”

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