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Someone has to be first.

                        — Enrico FERMI (1901-1954)

Dislodging the “biological clock” mantra won’t be easy, much like classical Newtonian physics dominated all thought until Planck arrived with the quantum hypothesis.

“That which is most entrenched, even when unsatisfying, can sometimes become tolerable.”

But some researchers are pushing back on the paradigm that a woman’s supply of eggs (ovarian reserve) gradually shrinks over time—where both number and quality of oocytes decay inexorably with age. 

While running a full-time IVF practice, Dr. Scott Sills developed this fresh plasma concept as FertiGen.

This unique process soon became viewed as the ‘California refinement’ to improve and extend the PRP work undertaken elsewhere.

With careful treatments now completed for so many, the true treasures of FertiGen remain the birth announcements which follow.

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