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Manifested, not manufactured.

Natural. Organic. Non-synthetic.                                          

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“Superior healers first must listen, then share accurate information with competence & kindness.”

Dr. Scott SILLS (2018)

FertiGen the science of new beginning

For current & future patients, and their close circle of supporters,

you’ve found FertiGen — the proven path to ovarian rejuvenation.

Welcome to comprehensive information about our techniques using your platelet-derived growth
factors … the safe, scientific, natural way to reboot ovary function.

menopause meets its match


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First, some basics.

What is FertiGen?

FertiGen is our unique, evidence based technology using your own platelet cytokines (growth factors) to awaken ovarian function. Yes, that could even include making eggs …

Here, our proof of concept work is expanding horizons of women’s health in general, and female fertility specifically, building on years of ovarian research and IVF experience.

We have safely offered FertiGen to patients from all over the world, often before a planned IVF cycle. Changes in ovarian capacity can be verified by blood tests after injection.

That’s how you know FertiGen works.

T H E O R Y  s h a p e s  T H E R A P Y

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Give FertiGen just one day – so your ovaries can give back more.

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